I've always loved climbing trees, walls and anything that I could climb up. After going to an indoor climbing party when I was 9 years old, I realised that I could climb even higher and started to have lessons at a local wall.
In 2011 I entered some competitions in the Midlands and Peak areas and found that I really liked the buzz, the challenge, the highs and the lows, travelling to other places and meeting lots of great people, but most of all I really enjoy myself.
Some of my recent results are:
BMC Youth Open competition, Group A 2015 1st place
Reselected for the GB Junior Bouldering Team 2016
BMC Junior British Bouldering Champion, Group B 2015
BMC Junior British Boulder Cup, Group B 2015 2nd place
IFSC EYC Austria, Group B 2015 11th place
IFSC European Bouldering Championships, France 2015 24th place
IFSC World Youth Championships, Italy 2015 47th place
Junior British Boulder Cup R1, Group B 2015 1st place
Selected for GB Junior Bouldering Team 2015
Selected for GB Junior Bouldering Team 2014
When I’m not climbing I like being outside, walking and filming/making climbing videos with my cameras. I like bouldering on the grit, trying something a bit different and challenging.
I enjoy yoga, athletics and reading. I also have a keen interest in eating healthy so that I can optimise my training and competing, I like experimenting with creating the ultimate and most awesome smoothie.