European Youth Cup, L’Argentiere, France 2017

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It was a hot and sweaty trip with some bad tan lines along the way! The comp as always had a great atmosphere and due to such a large group, the qualifying time was extended from 1hr30 to 2hr20! This was a good job for me as after 1hr40 I had only topped one, a dyno problem :D. Then within that last 40 minutes, I pulled back 3 more tops! The final one I was on the wall as the time ran out but we were allowed to keep climbing and I took my time and secured the top! Took way more attempts than I should’ve done, but I was actually pleased with the 4 tops 6 bonuses I got compared to the 1 flash I might have had 40 minutes earlier!
Overall it was a really fun trip with all the boys staying in one room which was a good laugh. Swimming in the lake on the rest day was definitely needed to cool down from the scorching heat too. Finals were amazing with 4 people from GBR in them for us to cheer on very loudly. Nice one, Emily, Hannah, Max and Aiden!  
Here’s the video of how I got on.