GB Development Squad Assessment event.

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On Sunday I was in Manchester at the Depot for the GB Development Squad assessment day.  Now that climbing is an official Olympic sport the selection process has changed and is moving towards a long term athlete development model (LTAD). The day was split into 4 different assessments. 2 of these were climbing based and 2 were physical testing. The physical tests included various flexibility, mobility, power and strength exercises that were recorded and will later be analyzed. The climbing was split into bouldering and endurance training. We had 4 blocs on the comp wall and you had as many goes as you liked to top them in. I successfully topped all 4 of my climbs which I was really pleased with, one of them had a really tough match on the last hold but I got a heel hook and managed it. The slab was good fun and I got it with no problems after working out how to hold the first hold properly. We had 2 steeper climbs which were energy sapping and I flashed 1 and got the other one 4th go. The endurance training took place on the circuit board and we had to clip a rope in the bolted quickdraws as we went around a hard circuit. I completed the first circuit but was really pumped on it and I got halfway on the second one. It was a long, hard tiring day but I gave it my all and had fun. Thanks, as always, to Management for organizing the day.